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Исаева Валентина

Валентина Исаева, окончила Вечерние рисовальные классы при Академии художеств в Санкт-Петербурге, занималась в мастерских петербуржских художников Е.Г. Медведевой, И. Дзирвиной, М. С. Сорокина, В.Н. Козлова, А. Шумкина, В.С. Баженова; член Товарищества свободных художников Санкт-Петербурга, участник выставок СПбСХ и др. Работа «Масленица. Кота на ярмарке купил» (портрет мужа с котом) посвящена традиционному масленичному сюжету – праздничным гуляниям и ярмарке. В центре внимания – настроение и дружба главных героев – масленичного мужичка – удалого русского парня, который благодаря ярмарке обрел нового друга – большого пушистого кота. Действие происходит на торговой площади в старинном русском городе Суздале. В качестве моделей выступили муж художницы, капитан 3-го ранга К.С. Кузовлев и кот мейн-кун Шерхан.


“I was born in the Russian North in the Arkhangelsk region in the small town called Peaceful (in Russian “Mirny”). Twenty years ago I arrived to St. Petersburg and since then my life has been intrinsically linked with it. My first diploma was in social anthropology which specializes in the study of various cultures. For thirteen years I’d been working in the field of culture and tourism as an interpreter and showed to the foreign and local guests of our city the collections of the Russian Museum, the Hermitage and other treasures of Saint-Petersburg. For the last seven years, I’ve been engaged in scientific research in the sociology of religion, defended the thesis about why modern people from the West and Russia convert to Buddhism and collaborated with the Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, despite my varied career, painting and drawing have remained my constant interest and even passion since 2005 I studied in the workshops of St. Petersburg artists E.G. Medvedeva, I. Dzirvina, M. S. Sorokin, V. N. Kozlov, A. Shumkin, V.S. Bazhenov. In 2016 I graduated from the Evening Drawing Classes at the Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg. At present I am a member of the Association of Free Artists of St. Petersburg, a participant in exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists and others. In painting, I am most inspired by the genres of portrait and landscape. At the exhibition "Portrait of a Cat" my painting "Maslenitsa (Pancake week). He bought a cat at the fair", which is dedicated to the traditional Maslenitsa theme – holiday festivities and a fair – is presented. The focus is on the mood and friendship of the main characters – a dashing Russian guy who, thanks to the fair, found a new friend – a big fluffy cat. The action takes place on a Market Square in the Old Russian town of Suzdal. It was very interesting for me to paint a double portrait, trying to capture not only the character of the person, but also the perky and good-natured disposition of the cat. My husband Konstantine and Maine Coon cat Sherkhan acted as models”.





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